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New cutlery range Lithos

Coffret couverts Lithos par Non Sans Raison x Element Commun

Porcelain offers a multiplicity of uses. Surprising by its abrasion resistance, waterproofness and excellent thermal insulation, it may advantageously replace the metal blade.

The range Lithos is thought by the duo designers Elèment Common, Vincent Blouin and Julien Legras, who’s approach is centered on the use and understanding of our everyday objects, Non Sans Raison revisits the field of cutlery while giving new life to the porcelain.

It is a return to origins that the range Lithos operates seeking to introduce a clean aesthetic to ceramics when used for cutting, separating and shaping. Each piece, is designed by the illusion of a successive removal of material where each operation that draws the blade, also shapes the whole object, reminding the use of stone. Their uniqueness holds the meeting of gross and massive, close to the archaism of Silex, and to a material, smooth, minimalist, the porcelain.

7 inch spreading knife

9 1/2 inch cake server

8 1/2 inch cheese knife

Material : Limoges porcelain – specificity extra white kaolin

Made in France


Collection made in collaboration with CRAFT (Centre de Recherche sur les Arts du Feu et de la Terre, Limoges).