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The Space Oddity Wall Plates

The Space Oddity Wall Plates


The Space Oddity Wall Plates

Non Sans Raison in collaboration with the French artist Pierre-Charles Jacquemin, transports you in a journey into space, a thousand miles away, direction the solar system close to the stars.

The countdown has started ! More than 60 years ago, the conquest of space were all the rage in a context of intense competition between the Soviet Union and the United States. An odyssey of amazing discoveries and achievements as in science that in engineering and spatial technology. A window is opening on universe, a new compass for the future, a giant leap for mankind.

Our Wall Plates SPACE ODDITY retraces in an exhaustive way the exaltation of its beginnings where each plate looks like a space mission. Thanks to the accurate drawings of Pierre Charles Jacquemin, none of the signs referring to the mission is leaving behind. It is also the pleasure to rediscover the design of veritable creations of spacecraft.

Pierre Charles Jacquemin, French young artist born in 1988 and passionated by space and sci-fi, presents a work of objects, drawings, videos and sounds that he interprets in poetic pieces. Since 2014, he shows his art in galleries and biennales in France. By his ecstatic vision of sciences and his deep artistic nature, Pierre Charles organizes his pieces in an intelligent way to create a set of visual or sound hypothesis with our bound with space.

Set for six people of 19 plates in Limoges porcelain composed of 6 dinner plates (27 cm), 6 dessert plates (21 cm), 6 bread & butter plates (17cm) and 1 platter (32cm). Included 19 magnets, 19 magnetic disks, an installation and use guide with a scale poster.

Our Wall plates are supplied in a pack including a full table service (with an equivalent number of dinner and dessert supplemented by presentation plates , bread bowls and plates to use for food or the appetizer ) , magnetic and a mounting guide.

* With the creation of a new concept of wall hutch both artwork and table service are at the heart of a specific branch named Wall Plates , we bring new life to porcelain while offering creations in line with our time. With a magnetic system hung in the center of the back of the plate ( magnetic disk ) and on the wall ( magnet) , each piece of china is within easy reach and usable as often as desired by simple handling : hang – win .

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The spatial journey has started in October 1957 with the first artificial satellite launched into orbit: Spoutnik 1 by the Soviet Union then it was Spoutnik 2 in November 1957 with the fist living being into space, Laïka the dog. That is how started one of the most incredible human and technological adventure of all the times : the space conquest.

Septembre 1959, the spacecraft Luna 2 from the soviet program has crushed in accordance with the mission on the lunar floor.

October 1959, the spacecraft Luna 3 transmitted the first pictures of the hidden face of the moon.

Janvier 1961, the American rocket Mercury Redstone carried Ham, the first chimpanzee and the first animal who did a round trip successfully.

February 1961, the first french rocket spacecraft, Veronique, took off with Hector the rat inside.

April 1961, the first orbital flight of a human being, Youri Gagarine, a Russian astronaut, in the Vostok 1 space capsule.

January 1966, Luna 9 is the first spacecraft to land gently on the moon. She transmitted pictures and relative informations during four days.

May 1966, the American spacecraft Surveyvor 1 succeed its landing and transmitted informations during more than six weeks.

August 1966, Lunar Orbiter 1 is the first American orbiter.

October 1966, the spacecraft Luna 12 collected data and photographs from the lunar orbit.

January 1967, the rocket Apollo 1 was the first to carry a crew (Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee) who died after a test on the ground.

December 1968, the astronauts Franck Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders became the first men in the lunar orbit with Apollo 8.

July 1969, the first steps on the moon of the American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Buzz during the Apollo 11 mission.

April 1970, during the Apollo 11 mission, an explosion occurred, while returning in the spaceship Odyssey, the astronauts will be saved and they will be able to go back to Earth.

September 1970, the spacecraft Luna 16 dit the first automated return of the sample of the ground from another celestial body than the Earth.

November 1970, the spacecraft Luna 17 carried the first Sovietic space robotic vehicles who have driven kilometers on the moon surface.

July 1971, Apollo 15 was the first American mission involving a lunar rover LRV, vehicle made to explore the moon surface.

July 1975, the rocket Apollo Soyouz is the first space mission joint between the Soviet Union and the United States after several years of an intense competition

during the Cold War.

December 1972, the lunar module Apollo 17 is the last mission on the Moon. The astronaut Eugene Cernan and his partner Harrison Schmitt, an American

civil geologist, the only one scientific astronaut of the Apollo program to fly. There are the last men who walked on the Moon : they stood 22h05min,

making, thanks to the lunar Jeep, 36 kilometers in the region of the mountains Taurus, next to the crater of Littrow. It is the crew who has bring back the more

moon rocks (11 kg) and who stood out of the vehicle the longest time.

Now, it is time to leave the capsule. You are ready to dinner and to discover the nineteen missions of the space age. Immediate takeoff!