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Care and cleaning

Ideal and resistant for daily use, dishwasher appreciated and advised

In all simplicity, our sets are created for daily use. You can use a dishwasher as much as you wish. Be careful, however do not put in dishwasher our hand-painted collections. In case of hand washing, do not use abrasive sponges. Also, when your meal is finished, put under hot water the plates with marinades, vinaigrettes and acid sauces so as not to alter the brilliance of the decor’s colors. If your cups are stained with tea or coffee, dip them in a vinegar bath. Rub delicately and you will find perfectly clear dishes.

Resisting hight temperature, traditional oven and microwaves

Put in the cold oven in order to avoid the thermal shocks and regulate the time and the temperature of your choice even high one. Do not put in microwaves decorations with precious metals, platinum, gold and silver and the Wall Plates which have a magnetic metal disk on the back of the plate.

Large firing brings solidity to ceramics

Characteristic of the traditional fire arts, small differences regarding sickness and diameter can be found. The slight irregulars highlight each unique piece aspect. Decorated with an ornament of precious metals, our light, resistant and delicate porcelain exults bright translucent whiteness.