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The Genesis Wall Plates

The Genesis Wall Plates


The Genesis Wall Plates

Genesis is the new Non Sans Raison’s Wall Plates. Made by the tattoo artist Jeykill, a founding member of Bleu Noir. Inspired by the alchemy of the four elements which composed our world, a favorite theme for Jeykill. Genesis is about our relationship with universality.

In this way, water, air, fire and earth, related to the four fundamentals qualities (warm, cold, dry and damp) are mixed up to make us feel the balance of our planet. On one hand, the duality between warm and dry are represented by the yellow and on the other hand cold and damp are represented by the blue, strengthens the dynamic of elements, which can changed in contact with each other.

Composed of a pyramidal shape to remind the symbols of harmony and unity directed toward an hemispherical shape, symbol of the sky, the Genesis Wall Plates, in view of its transcendent energy, tends to the infinite. The density of the design is in the border between abstract and illustrative art. The line’s precision of Jeykill invites us to make an amazing inner journey in a spiritual path like in a mandala, where geometrical shapes and symbols are used in abundance.

Jeykill was born in the suburbs of Paris in 1974. After studying graphic design, he joins the artist collective 9eme Concept in 1997. On canvas or on skin, his production is based on a blend of ethnic and urban styles. He is inspired by the ocean, the sky and human nature. Alternatively meticulous or spontaneous, he created a complex universe between illustrative, graphic and abstract.He opens the tattoo shop Bleu Noir in Paris in 2010 and in Biarritz in 2016.

Tableware set for four people of 12 plates in Limoges porcelain composed of 4 dinner plates (27 cm), 4 dessert plates (21 cm), 3 bread plates (17cm) and 1 platter (32cm). Included 12 magnets, 12 magnetic disks, an installation and use guide with a scale poster.

Our Wall plates are supplied in a pack including a full table service (with an equivalent number of dinner and dessert supplemented by presentation plates , bread bowls and plates to use for food or the appetizer ) , magnetic and a mounting guide.

* With the creation of a new concept of wall hutch both artwork and table service are at the heart of a specific branch named Wall Plates , we bring new life to porcelain while offering creations in line with our time. With a magnetic system hung in the center of the back of the plate ( magnetic disk ) and on the wall ( magnet) , each piece of china is within easy reach and usable as often as desired by simple handling : hang – win .

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