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Cup A coffee adrift

Cup A coffee adrift


Cup Un café à la dérive

Designed by Eloise Orst , Cup "Un café à la dérive" Limoges porcelain produced and edited by Non Sans Raison , won the mention of design Agora 2014, at Bordeaux . Inspired by the shape of maritime beacons that are stable and floating against the odds they are also a valuable aid to navigation , the cup "Un café à la dérive " is ingenious with its principle of roly allowing it to easily retrieve its path .

The fluidity of form, the purity of its lines and glazed texture gives it softness and lightness as if his spins were an illusion. It floats or it seeks to fall backwards , rest assured, the cup " Un café à la dérive " has a sense of overthrowing balance.

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Because of its cylindrical shape with a conical base for ballast so that even if the cup is overturned, it always recovers and returns to its stable position to avoid disaster. In this slightly reclined position , the handling is easy and accessible and visible to file not only coffee but also other condiments.

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Porcelaine de Limoges – Fabrication française.


Ø 6 cm, H. 8 cm


Idéal et résistant pour un usage quotidien : four, micro-onde et lave-vaisselle

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