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New dinnerware collection Magma

non sans raison porcelaine limoges assiette magma empile 2
With the Magma collection, Non Sans Raison used the color as a starting point in its manufacture process as opposed to a final surface treatment on the enamel porcelain, so as to be a texture, a key element in the finished object. Pigments scattered unevenly and randomly across all the surface of the unglazed porcelain, remind a gestural almost archaic and fully artisanal in the style of the drip and splash of Jackson Pollock.
The result is amazing! By merging with porcelain, color is crystallized and is thickened, turning into a mineral, projecting and non-homogenous texture, made of small craters and stratums such a crust. Within this crust and its stratifications, are emerging lunar and cracked landscapes. During the baking process, the color has captured the natural and unique qualities of enamel and in particular its resistance and its bright reflections. The baking also revealed a stunning palette of blue, as this cobalt blue so dear to Limoges porcelain but also this iridescent blue soon as the piece catches the light.
The plates of the Magma collection weaves the fabric of a miniature geology at once so close and so far away, an imaginary topography between earth’s crustal and lunar crust.  Its marbled design fully handmade makes each piece unique allowing to provide a singular and varied arrangement around and at the center of the table.
Presentation plate Ø 32 cm public price 50 €, dinner plate Ø 27 cm 36 €, dessert plate Ø 21 cm 30 € , bread & butter plate Ø16 cm 23€
Porcelaine de Limoges – Made in France. Color : cobalt blue.  Each pieces are unique for this collection.