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New Set Book Perspectives


With Perspectives, Non Sans Raison invites you to play the agitators by interrupting the mechanisms of traditional thought of a tableware set. Liberate yourself from conventions to create constantly renewed combinations. You will find in Perspectives subtle blends and original propositions. A mix & match that encourages the combinations between collections thought to be well-suited together. With a large choice of pattern renewed to every dish, create your own scenario of meal. And so make your preferences a singularity!

Once drawn by homogeneous and uniform collections, today’s enthusiast sees him or herself as a designer and seeks to build up their table like a wardrobe, adding piece by piece. 
By performing a kind of crossfade between our dinnerware sets in our catalogue, this way of presenting responds to a new approach to everyday life, a new way of arranging and living its interior: less conventional, less predictable and more playful which does not, however, deny the elegance and style. The patterns of our different collections coexist, mix and provide a tool for the pleasure of receiving, to amaze his guests in a new conviviality. This compatibility of patterns combined with the versatility of our pieces and their adaptation to new uses at the same time affirms the vitality of our Limoges porcelain in the XXI century. 
Please do not hesitate to request by email ( our new new catalogue “Setbook Perspectives” providing a more contemporary view of the dinnerware thanks to the mix & match.