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Vortex green

Created by the French artist and designer Emmanuel Bossuet and inspirated by the esthetic of the modernist era, VORTEX with its centrifuge decoration is the new Non Sans Raison’s dinnerware set. With their rigorous anamorphosis games and their contemporary evocations of the tableware set on board great liners and transcontinentals trains, the different pieces of the collection could be composed freely to form many variations, every piece of the collection offering a new
mixing made of visual energy and pure graphic. Thanks to its circular decor inviting to the rotation of the pieces as a slick of vorticity, the delicacies find in the heart of the plates, center of
gravity, one of the strongest frame. You just have savor!

Emmanuel Bossuet, designer and artistic director, designs for the art of fire, metal and textile. He is a multidisciplinary designer who began his career in industrial design and then in the world of fashion and graphic design. Now, he considers decorative arts with the angle of classicism imbued with counterculture and confining to abstraction.

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