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Bath of color Large coupe bowl

Bath of color Large coupe bowl


Large coupe bowl Bath of Color

Inspired by the technique of enamel bath, the large coupe bowl Limoges porcelain from the collection of Color Bath are soaked with great dexterity in a color bath. Once cooked at high temperatures, the color fixes on the enamel and is adorned with a single icy timeless color block.
By this new process, Bath of Color modernizes the porcelain painting, the oldest decoration process. The contrast between the white porcelain and each of four colors available is all the more bright and offers discrete and warmly reflections of light. Thanks to its many combinations, Bath of Color will seduce you instantly with it simplicity and efficiency. The real intensity is now up to you!

Dimensions : Ø10 cm, H 7,5 cm, 25 cl.
Limoges porcelain – extra white kaolin
Decor : Colored enamel large fire
Ideal and durable for daily use : oven and dishwasher.

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