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Avant, Ici, Maintenant coral Dinner plate

Avant, Ici, Maintenant coral Dinner plate


Dinner plate Avant, Ici, Maintenant coral

Inspired by the Dripping technique , an Action Painting form boosted by Jackson Pollock in the 50s , the first tableware set of Non Sans Raison “Avant, Ici, Maintenant” exults the past, defies space and fixes the present. The graphic design pattern treatment in weft and splash is running on each piece. The pure lines are enhanced by refined platinum. 

Avant / Before: Tableware reminiscent of the history that surrounds the prestigious french porcelaine manufacturers. 

Ici / Here: places the object in a specific time bracket: modern and contemporary. 

Maintenant / Now: incarnates a feeling of satisfaction “a must have” for luxury article, tradition and modernity come together. At the table : Avant, Ici, Maintenant, conjures melancholy, promotes hedonism, invites rebellion and the art of building their own freedom.



Dimensions : Ø 27 cm
Limoges porcelain – extra white kaolin
Decor : serigraphie coral
Ideal and durable for daily use : oven and dishwasher.

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