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Square coral Cup

Square coral Cup


Square cup coral

The cup coral Square is part of the Non Sans Raison's third collection called Square.

By creating a building game where the circle is reconciled with the square , Square boasts the ubiquity of graphic games and contrasts. Inspired by the Suprematism of Malevich , it reverses the empty and full , organizes space dishes , varies interior colors according to the changing light . The counter-form , in turn , makes sense in the stack and rotating parts. A table : Square hypnotizes and leads into the depths of taste.

Polyvalent depending on your desires. Teas and coffees. Appetizers and gazpacho. Condiments and appetizers. Caviar and egg casserole. Fruit salads or vegetables. Whipped cream, sauces, broths, velvet cream. Grout, sorbets, sweets, tiramisu, panna cotta… But also as a candle pot, pen pot, flower pot… In extra white kaolin, our cup is ultra thin, transparent and light, a perfect gift for any occasion.

Dimensions : Ø 7 x 5 x 7,5 cm
Limoges porcelain – extra white kaolin
Decor : serigraphie coral
Ideal and durable for daily use : oven and dishwasher.Do not put the decorations adorned with precious metals in the microwave.

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